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ER stands for entity relationship that helps in organizing and storing the data in a database. The stored data is in the form of different entities that defines the relationship between each entity. Peter Chen developed the concept of ER diagrams in 1976. Chen’s innovative work started a new arena of research and practice known as conceptual modeling. The entity relationship model serves as the foundation of various system analysis, repository system and computer-aided software engineering tools. Data models are easy to understand and it is a means of visualizing how information produced by a system is related to each other. An entity relationship diagram looks like a flowchart as it contains specialized symbols and its meaning that makes it more unique. Objects such as entities and relationship sets can be represented with the help of an ER diagram.

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What is an Entity Relationship Diagram?

An entity relationship diagram is also called an entity-relationship model that reflects the graphical representation of entities and their relationships with each other. Below are the various relationships between the entities.

  • One to one : One case of an entity is related to the another case of other entity. Like, worker (A) is allied with the only one security member (B).
  • One to many : One case of an entity (A) is related to one or many cases of another entity (B), but for one case of entity B there is only one case of entity A.
  • Many to many : One case of an entity (A) is related with one or many cases of entity (B), and one case of entity B is related to one, or many cases of entity A.
Complications faced by students in ER diagram

Though ER model looks as simple diagrammatic representation, but it is intricate in nature as it involves a clear understanding of data flow. Moreover, an ER diagram also shows a graphical representation of the design that makes difficult for the students to understand its complex structure. Furthermore, the newly enrolled students want to run away from this topic due to several technical terminologies associated with it. If a student is all confused with the concept, it would create a drastic problem in designing the ER diagram as the materials available on the internet are also of no help in such a case. Also, ER diagram is specially designed for an advanced level design that too confuses some students and it results in their poor performance. Nowadays, academics these days are also demanding and challenging that wastes most of the students crucial time. Amongst these situations dealing with the topics like ER diagram and related homework is tricky and problematic. To cope up with these problematic situations, EssayCorp provides the best professional guidance on database assignment writing for students on all the topics related to it. With the team of experts, students can get the expert help and can get rid of all their complications regarding this topic.

complications faced by students in er diagram
Assignment Help for ER Diagram Program

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