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Distribution Channels Covered In Our Distribution Strategy Case Study

The major distribution channels covered in our case study help are:

Indirect distribution :
  • Manufacturer – A manufacturer is an entity who is involved in the process of producing the product that is offered for sale.
  • Wholesaler – A wholesaler is second in the process of delivering the good to the consumer. They purchase or take the good on credit from the producer and sell it to the various retailers.
  • Retailer – A retailer is the one who directly interacts with the customer and delivers the product.
  • Consumer – A customer is one who purchases the product that has been produced by the producer.
Direct distribution :
  • In this method of distribution, the manufacturer directly delivers the product to the consumer. There are many companies that choose to deliver its product directly to the consumer. In most cases, it happens with high end luxury goods.
distribution channels covered in essaycorp
Common Steps We Follow In Our Distribution Strategy Case Study

The distribution strategy of a company aims at getting the product they have produced in the most economical and the safest way to the consumers. In our distribution strategy case study we analyze real companies and provide the case study on them, a different company and a different case study, time and time again. The steps that a business takes in the process of ensuring an optimum distribution are:

  1. Access the consumer or the ultimate receiver of your product - It is important to do a market research in order to find out about the consumer, this is the first step and probably the most vital in this process as it is the consumer who is the final critic.
  2. Establish the method of distribution – The second step in the process is to establish or select a method of distribution that best suits your business model and which can reflect more profit. The two generic methods are direct and indirect distribution.
  3. Analyse the distribution tools – Once the method of distribution has been identified, you need to examine the various players or intermediaries in the sector and how best to utilize them and which ones to avoid, so the business makes the maximum profit.
  4. Distribution channels – Once the distribution method has been defined and identified the next step is to choose from the three channels of distribution, and they are; intensive distribution, selective distribution, and exclusive distribution.
  5. Managing the channels – In this step, you have to monitor the channel in order to ensure that the desired profit is achieved.

Problem Students Can Encounter With Distribution Strategy Case Study

A case study on distribution strategy can be a tricky thing to formulate because of many reasons. And even if the student finds a way to incept the assignment, yet there can be several other factors that can hinder the progress of the assignment. Following are some of the problems that a student can encounter while writing a distribution strategy case study.

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  2. The case studies can be excessively lengthy which can cause the student to procrastinate and it resulting in an incomplete or partially complete assignment.
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