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Demography is basically a branch related to social science (including human population) which includes birth, death, and migration. The demography can be divided into two parts that include formal demography (population process measurement) and social demography (detailed analysis with multiple factors).

Demography is quite a tough subject and most students face difficulty in executing its assignments, projects, case study, and dissertation. As the subject deals with several data and the analysis of those data and information is a challenging task for students. EssayCorp is there to help out by providing the best demography assignment help to students. Our team of demography experts believe in executing the well-versed assignment so that they can achieve good grades in the subject.

Importance of Demography

The study of population and its problems is important, especially in the case of developing countries facing immense population.

  1. Economy : The study of demography is much crucial to the economy as it helps to determine whether the growth rate of the economy is at par with the growth rate of the population or not. As the rapid growth in the population tends to bring unemployment, decrease in living standard, per capita income, etc.
  2. Society : The study of demography is also important to society as the major rise in population helps to bring various problems to the society such as electricity, water, transport, education, communication, etc.
  3. Economic Planning : Population studies for economic planning helps the planners to frame policies for controlling the birth rate. These policies also help the planners to keep in view the basic services such as houses, hospitals, education, transport, electricity, etc.
  4. For Administrators : The study of population helps the administrators to tackle the problems like pollution, polluted water, communicable disease, poor medical facilities, electricity, transport, drainage, etc.
  5. For Political System : The proper knowledge of demography is vital for political parties as it helps them to find out the census data, i.e., the number of male and female voters, their age, education, earning, etc. For more information on the importance of demography, avail our demography assignment help.
demography assignment help
Some Important Terminologies Related To Demographic Studies Include:
  1. Crude Birth Rate : The crude birth rate is measured by the number of live birth among a population of 1000 of a particular geographical area each year. It is termed as crude as it does not take into age differences among the population.
  2. Crude Death Rate: The crude death rate is also known as mortality rate, i.e., the number of death occurred among the population of 1000 of a specific location.
  3. General Fertility Rate: It is the best approach to measure fertility in a population by estimating the total number of live births per 1000 women of age group (15 to 49 years).
  4. Infant Mortality Rate: It is measured by the number of the deaths of infants less than 1 year of age per 1000 live births. This rate also acts as a health level indicator in a country.
  5. Replacement Level Fertility: It is the total fertility rate in which enough babies are born to sustain population levels. In simpler terms, it is the rate of the average number of children born from per women.
  6. Net Reproduction Ratio: It is defined as the average number of birth of a girl. Moreover, it is a useful way to determine the growth of population from one generation to another.
  7. Life Expectancy: It is a kind of statistical measure that is used to estimate the average time of an individual’s life. It is based on various things such as birth, age, and other demographic factors.
  8. Stable Population: This method is mainly used by the demographers in order to present the growth, structure, and evolution of the population. It also helps in tracing causes and the consequences of the population change.
  9. Gross Reproduction Rate: It is used to measure the rate at which a new female is born on an average. Students who face difficulties in understanding the concept of gross reproduction rate can avail the top demography assignment help by EssayCorp.
  10. Stationary Population: It is an example of a stable population in which the fertility and the mortality rate are constant or the growth rate is null.
Benefits of Demography By Our Demography Assignment Help Experts:

The demography is highly important from multiple aspects and some of the benefits include:

  • It can help in identifying the unemployment related data which can be used to understand the reasons for this issue.
  • Economic development of a nation with respect to the population can be studied through demographic studies.
  • The political parties can utilize demography for identifying the age group and gender etc. of the voters in a specific area.
  • Resources can be efficiently allocated to different segments for the betterment of people with the help of demographic studies.
  • It can aid in the development of a better educational system in regions devoid of quality education.
  • Demographic analysis can be utilized for effectively studying existing policies and designing new policies.
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Why Students Face Problems in Writing Demography Assignment

Demography can be sometimes burdensome for the students who have opted for this course. Various disciplines are part of demography based studies like statistics, biology, social sciences, economy, epidemiology, and geography, etc. So, doing assignments on demography becomes a burdensome process for students as they have to get in-depth knowledge on these disciplines too. Moreover, there are numerous concepts involved in the demography and it is not a piece of cake to understand all them all. The topic also requires extensive research, which is a time-consuming task for the students as they have to submit their assignments before a specific deadline. But don’t worry our demography experts provide the best demography assignment help to students.

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