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A debenture is nothing but a term-based debt instrument that is used by large firms to have access to or borrow money, at a fixed rate of interest. To put it more plainly in Laymen's term, a debenture is a way a company borrows money from the market without actually having to part with their share capital, the company issues certificates for a fixed period of time at a fixed rate of interest.

Shareholders are the owner of the company, whereas debenture holders are the lenders to the company; at the time of distribution of revenue, debenture holders are to be paid by the company at the stipulated time whether the company makes a profit or not. Debenture holders can be paid out of the capital, shareholder can't. If you are an accounts student or a Finance student and debenture is part of your subject.

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Types Of Debentures
  • Ordinary Debentures: This type of debenture is raised without mortgaging any kind of fixed asset. The raising of funds through this type of debenture are next to impossible.
  • Mortgage Debentures: As the name suggests this type of debenture are issued only after mortgaging an asset and the debenture holder can sell the asset to ascertain his money is returned, in case the company doesn't fulfil its obligation.
  • Partly/ Fully convertible Debentures: The holder has the option to convert a part of his debenture into equity shares and keep the other part as a debenture, they are shareholder as well as a debenture holder. Whereas the later one is fully convertible into equity shares at the predetermined time and with the approval of the debenture holder.
  • Redeemable/ Irredeemable Debentures: Reedeemable debentures are fully redeemable at the predetermined date and at a predetermined price while irredeemable debenture cannot be redeemed ever. It can only be claimed after dissolution of a company.
  • Registered/Unregistered Debenture: In registered type of debenture the name, address, and other personal detail of the holder is recorded and it cannot be transferred to any other individual while unregistered debenture the opposite of registered debenture the details of the holder are not recorded in the books of the company and it can be transferred to any other individual.
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