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Data research can be defined as the collection of the fact and information obtained by a community to authorize research findings. It is usually collected and created for the purpose of analyzing in order to produce accurate search results. Though, the researched data is collected for different purpose and processes and can be further divided into different categories. However, most of the assignments require ample amount of research as tutors always want students to use information from external resources. One has to go through a hard task of data research and get appropriate information. In fact, many scholars need help to develop proficient research skills to execute a data research assignment. This is the most common problem that almost all the students face while writing an assignment on data research. But EssayCorp helps to take your entire burden away by providing the best data research assignment help to students. Our team of data research experts cover all the necessary elements of a data research so that students can get proper knowledge and awareness of it.

Categories of Data Research

Data research can be broadly classified into two categories. These are as follows:

  • Quantitative Data: Quantitative data is concerned with the information related to quantities that can be measured and written down easily in the form of numbers. It mainly uses the data to formulate the accurate facts and figures in a data research. This type of data mainly includes the surveys such as mobile surveys, paper surveys, interviews, online polls and surveys, and observations. Some examples of quantitative data are height, the size of a shoe, the length of a table, chair, and other measurable items. For more information on quantitative data, avail data research assignment help by our experts.
  • Qualitative Data: Qualitative data research is quite harder to evaluate than the quantitative data. It is mainly useful in obtaining the correct description of the data research. It also helps in providing deeper insights into the problem for potential qualitative research. Some of the common of collecting the qualitative data are group discussions, face to face interviews, observations, etc. It depicts the quality; the information that cannot be measured in terms of quantity, such as the color of the eye, softness, feel, touch, sensation, etc.
data research assignment help
Types of Research Data by Our Data Research Assignment help Experts

There are four main types of data research that are based on the methods of collection.

  1. Observational Data: The observational type of data is collected by the means of an activity or behavior. It is collected in real time by using various methods such as open-ended surveys, people’s observation, and use of some apparatus to record relevant information because it is not an easy task to recreate the data if lost in any case.
  2. Experimental Data: An experimental data is usually collected by the researchers in order to produce or measure the change in the data research. It also helps the researchers to examine a causal relationship to a large group of the population. Sometimes, this type of data is quite expensive, but it can be recreated if lost.
  3. Simulation Data: Simulation data is generated by examining the real-world process by using computer test models such as predicting weather conditions, chemical reactions, economic models, and other tectonic activities. This method is important as it can determine what could happen under a specific condition.
  4. Compiled Data: Compiled data or derived data helps in developing new pages by using existing data points. For example, collecting information regarding population from various cities to create a population density data. In case, if a compiled data is lost, then it may be a very time-consuming task to recover it again.

Our data research assignment help experts cover a bunch of concepts that help students in achieving good grades than ever.

Software Used in Data Research

Here are the lists of software that are used widely in data research.

  • SPSS: SPSS is an advanced level software package that helps in showing the whole analytical process from planning to the collection of data. It is highly specialized in business intelligence, data mining, data analysis, and customer relationship management.
  • NVivo: It is a powerful tool that is widely used by the researchers for analyzing qualitative data and methods of research. This software also allows the user to organize the material in order to find insights into the data.
  • MAXQDA: This software allows the user to organize, evaluate, and interpret methods of data, reports, and visualizations. This tool also helps to quantify qualitative data and enrich the analysis with evidence.
  • Stata: It is a complete statistical software package that has a range of statistical techniques used for data management, data analysis, graphs, programming, and statistics.
  • Aquad: It is a free and open source data analysis software that supports analysis of data collected through focus groups, observations, interviews, etc. Our data research assignment help experts cover a lot more software assignment provided to the students.
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Problems Faced By Students in Data Research Assignment

Though data research is an interesting subject, however, most of the students still face a lot of issues while executing its assignments and projects. A data research assignment must be written with a unique approach, correct methodologies, and the applications of right statistical software, but students are not aware of all these aspects and hence they lose grades in the assessment. They are also unable to produce correct results and accurate interpretation while analyzing the data. Moreover, they also fail to write flawless content in a prescribed format and along with proper citation; this also creates difficulty for the students to adopt a specific writing style for writing a data research assignment. Therefore, at EssayCorp, students can take the assistance for data research assignment, data research project, data research thesis, data research homework, etc. Our experienced experts have knowledge skills to understand the question requirement and with a vigorous research from apt sources so that student’s data research assignments are made in a best possible way.

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