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Cryptography can be defined as the art of writing used for solving codes and to make them safe and secure. It is an interesting aspect of computer science, which is mostly loved by the students but for some of them, it becomes a quite challenging one. Due to several techniques and coding structure in cryptography, students face a lot of difficulties in executing its assignments and projects. Moreover, if students fail to understand the concept, it can results in their poor grades in academics. But, don’t worry as EssayCorp is there to assist you with all your assignment and projects related problems. Our professional experts are research scholars who have acquired a vast knowledge of cryptography and its related concepts.

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Purposes of cryptography

Cryptography is the study of techniques used for protecting the data and information. The various purposes of cryptography are mentioned below:

  • Data Confidentiality: It refers to the data and information that is not disclosed to any individual or an entity. When sender and receiver involved in a communication, the purpose of confidentiality must ensure that the information must not available to others.
  • Authentication: The authentication is a process of proving one’s identity. The sender and receiver can confirm each other identity by using MAC (message authentication code) technique.
  • Data Integrity: It refers to the data that has not changed, destroyed, or lost in an accidental manner. Cryptography must ensure that the messages received by the receiver are not changed anywhere.
  • Non-Repudiation: Non-repudiation is a declaration that someone cannot deny it. In other words, the two parties involved in a communication must follow the authenticity of their signature.
Importance of cryptography

Nowadays, a large number of people interact electronically through E-mail or mobile phones. Cryptography allows the people to do business electronically without any worry of dishonesty and deception.

  • Internet: Internet comprised millions of interconnected computers that allow sharing of information and communication throughout the world. Cryptography helps in securing websites and transmissions as safe as possible. Also it is very important for the growth of internet and electronic commerce.
  • Authentication: Electronic falsification has become an emerging crime these days. People use a false digital signature in the name of another person that usually creates a major issue. Cryptography helps in providing assurance in all your electronic transactions.
  • Access Control: Cryptography is used to control access to satellite and cable TV. It is very helpful as hackers can tap into our cable companies and acquire free cable service.
importance of cryptography
Software used in cryptography

There are a few aspects need to be maintained in order to get good marks in cryptography assignments -

  • Java Cryptography Extension: Java cryptography extension provides a structured framework and implementation for key generation, key agreement, and encryption. It complements the java platform that includes implementation of digital signatures and message digests.
  • Crypto API: It enables the users to exchange data and documents in a safe environment, especially over the internet. It also used in various parts of the kernel that deal with cryptography.
  • Bouncy Castle: It is termed as the collection of APIs used in cryptography. It usually comprises APIs for both the Java and C# programming languages.
  • Triple DES: It is a type of computerized cryptography where block cipher algorithm is applied several times to each block of data. The key size is increased to ensure further security through encryption capabilities.
  • Cryptocat: It provides end to end encryption that helps in securing all communications to other users. It also includes a mechanism that performs a signature check to verify authenticity.

Students are often given assignments on cryptography to solve various real world issues that often spoils vital data and how to keep such data safe from the invaders.

Types of cryptography techniques
  1. Secret Key Cryptography: This technique only uses just a single key. Here, the sender applies a key for the encryption of a message, while a receiver applies the same key to decrypt the message. A single key is used for the complete process of encryption or decryption.
  2. Public Key Cryptography: It is popularly known as the asymmetric encryption, which includes two key cryptosystems so that a secure communication can establish between the sender and receiver.
  3. Hash Function: It is mainly used to check the integrity of the message so that it doesn’t change, compromised, or damaged by the virus. It uses a fixed length hash value rather than any key.

Problems faced by students in Cryptography assignment

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Cryptography assignment help by experts

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