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    Cryptography Assignment Help

    Cryptography is the art of writing and solving secret codes. In IT, cryptography has some special significance. In this sector cryptography is a process whereby an information is transferred to another person through internet in encrypted format. The receiver then decrypts the information with the help of a secret key. Without that secret key, no one can decrypt the information. So, the entire process remains highly secured and safe from hackers. Primarily cryptography was used to secure email messages, later the technique was successfully applied for bank transactions. Now, apart from these two sectors, cryptography technique is widely used in all types of internet based services. Whatever may be its application, cryptography is meant to keep the entire process of communication and processing through internet safe and secured.

    Purposes of Cryptography

    This highly technical concept has four primary purposes –

    • Confidentiality – The information remains highly confidential in between the sender and receiver.
    • Integrity – The information can’t be changed by anybody without any knowledge of the sender, i.e. if any changes are made, the nature of change also gets noticed.
    • Authentication - The sender and receiver can confirm each other’s identity.
    • Non-repudiation – The sender can’t deny his involvement in sourcing such information to the sender.

    Cryptography As A Subject

    Cryptography is taught in many courses in computer science. It is a very vital part in IT today; hence, students interested in cryptography learn the subject attentively with a wish to become a professional in this field alter. Students are given in-depth knowledge on encryption, decryption, decoding system and decoders, hybrid encryption, public-key encryption, next generation network, next generation firewalls etc.

    The subject is very interesting, as well as challenging too. Change and upgradation in the system is quite frequent. As a result, the students and professionals in this field need to get latest updates every now and then. Students of cryptography often face various assignments related problems, which come out as the toughest task ever.

    Expertise Is Required To Write Assignments On Cryptography

    There are a few aspects need to be maintained in order to get good marks in cryptography assignments

    • A clear idea about the subject
    • Clear idea on computer functioning and programming
    • Latest tools used to make the system stronger than before like the invention of CNG, which now replacing Crypto API.

    Students are often given assignments on cryptography to solve various real world issues that often spoils vital data and how to keep such data safe from the invaders.

    Some Topics Often Given As Assignments

    • Security against chosen plaintext attacks.
    • Pseudo random Permutation
    • Security against active attacks
    • Differential and linear cryptanalysis
    • One time pad cryptography
    • Introduction to computer security
    • Trapdoors permutation
    • Arithmetic Modulo Primes
    • Semantic Security
    • Message Authentication Codes
    • Digital signatures and its uses
    • Collision resistant hash functions
    • Cryptography of multiuser system
    • Problems of secret communication

    Besides, hundreds of other topics are chosen by the examiners as assignments that help them to assess the understanding levels of the students. But these topics, as assignments, often keep many students hopeless because of their toughness. Right after starting the assignments, they understand these assignments need lots of other things which they don’t possess. Cryptography requires in-depth knowledge on its various aspects. But, some classes or practical training are not enough to accomplish these assignments successfully.

    Necessity of Expert Writers

    It is obvious that the assignments are important parts of any course. They carry a pretty good weightage which influences the final markings in any examination. Hence, casual approach toward an assignment to complete it somehow ultimately fetches poor marks which is not desirable. EssayCorp has been given every computer science student a unique opportunity to contact the best professionals in this field to guide them step by step in writing any kinds of assignments on cryptography.

    These writers not only possess relevant knowledge on all topics of cryptography, but also keeping intensive knowledge on the subject’s various applicability. Thus, these professionals are the best writers to trust with every topic. They also help to:

    • Write structurally correct assignments
    • Prepare the outlook of the assignments
    • Write with proper referencing
    • Prepare absolutely plagiarism free assignments

    Moreover, their expertise in the English language helps the students to complete the assignments in professional English styles. These writers are experts in using all the working terminologies in computer science like encryption, decryption, cryptanalysis, symmetric key. Private key in proper places to make the assignments more perfect and readable even by the hardcore professionals in this industry.

    At EssayCorp, Help Is All Around

    EssayCorp is an extremely professional organization in this assignment writing service industry. Their only motto is to fetch the best possible marks in the assignments. At the same time, the writers and supporting staff work relentlessly to help the students in every possible way. Assignment, Dissertation, Thesis & Case studies on cryptography are easily achievable with no hard pays.  

    Thus, students can expect flawless assignments completed well within given deadlines & remain confident in scoring grades.

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