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"Part lengthy, part difficult, but still need to complete the assignment on time to achieve respectable grades in computer network assignment". Well, such are the concerns of students who pursue technical studies. Computer network is one of the subjects which underlie much of the computer engineering branch. It is a set of computers, which is connected together for the purpose of sharing resources. The connected computers are called nodes, which communicate and exchange data with the help of network links. This sub-discipline of computer science requires complete understanding of the concepts. Computer network assignment help by our experts provides a reliable help to the students to lower their pressure. EssayCorp brings computer network assignment help for the students in USA, UK and Australia.

Communication nowadays is based upon a computer network (for example : broadband and transmission speed). Our experts provide guidance with user-oriented protocols, network based upon windows platform, network architectures, ISO/OSI reference model, communication security and authentication, service provided to end-to-end users, internet protocol stacks, client server model and its roles, communication at the application layer, route selection, dealing with errors and transmission of bits on a medium. We deliver all the network architecture files in ‘packet tracer’ with the produced images attached in the assignment for proper understanding of the same. Our computer network assignment help experts will solve all the computer network assignment problems for you, no matter how difficult the topic is.

Types of computer network
Depending upon the geographical area covered by a network, computer network is classified as:
  • Local Area Network (LAN) - A Local Area Network is a collection of computers and its associated devices with the intent to share a common communication line or wireless link. LAN is a network used for communication between various devices. A LAN network can be used within a building (office building or home). It enables sharing of resources and hardware devices. The speed of LAN ranges from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps.
  • Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) - A Metropolitan area network interconnects multiple users in a geographic area or in a region larger than the area covered by Local Area Network. Metropolitan Area Network is the interconnection of networks within a city or a large campus.
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) - Wide Area Network extends over a large geographical distance, for example : a country or a continent. Wide Area Network transmits data over phone lines or with the help of wireless links (for example, satellites). In wide area network, multiple LANs can be used to connect routers, bridges and gateways. World’s most popular wide area network is “Internet”.
  • Personal Area Network (PAN) - A personal area network (PAN) is used for transmission of data between different devices such as tablets, telephones, personal computers and laptops and is used for connecting to the internet or a higher level network. Get a deeper insight with our computer network assignment help.
computer network assignment help
Types Of Network Topology

According to our computer network assignment help experts, there are multiple types of network topology, but some of the main topologies are:

  1. Bus Topology - It connects all the devices through a single cable to a local area network and transmits data in one direction through a single cable. Commonly known as linear bus topology. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. The biggest drawback of this topology is; if there is a break in the main cable, the entire network shuts down.
  2. Ring Topology - In a ring topology, each computer is connected to another computer to form a ring, where the first one is connected to the last one. This topology is also used by local area network and transfers the data bit by bit. One of the biggest advantages of ring topology is; it spans larger distances as compared to other types of topologies.
  3. Star Topology - Star topology is the arrangement of devices, in which all the devices are connected to a hub (central node) by the use of a cable and communicate by passing the data through the hub in a network. Here, hub acts as a repeater. This topology provides fast performance, but it is expensive to use.
  4. Mesh Topology - This type of topology forms a point-to-point connection among all the devices and each connection carries its own data load. Mesh topology is robust, but its installation is difficult. There are two types of mesh topology : Partial mesh topology and full mesh topology. This topology is robust, but its installation is difficult.
  5. Tree Topology - Tree topology is a collection of nodes in which all the devices are connected to a root node and hence it is also known as hierarchical topology. This topology is an extension of bus topology and star topology. It is ideal for the workstations that are located in groups. Subscribe our computer network assignment help for more.
Advantages Of Computer Network

As we know that it is the best and reliable way of sharing information. It is a widely used practice in today's world and serves various advantages to people.

  • Enhance Communication - It allows instant messaging to the users to talk in real time and send files anywhere on the globe. It also allows access to other useful information, like timely facts and traditional reference materials.
  • Allows Resource Sharing - It is important for larger companies that produce large numbers of resources to share among the employees. It assures that all the resources would be completely shared by connecting to the common network.
  • Highly Flexible - Computer network technology is considered to be very flexible, as it allows to explore a lot about essential things (for example : software). It gives the accessibility to all the information that need to be shared.
  • Inexpensive - Installing networking software does not cost you too much. And further, there is no need to change the software on a regular basis, as the software is durable.
  • Boosts Storage Capacity - Networking allows you to share files, resources and information to other people and ensures that all the data is properly stored in the system, as it provides you all the space you need for storage.
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