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A cash flow statement indicates the payment and receipts of any business. Even a small error in any single entry can result in a major blunder in the company's accounts and turnover. Earning profit is one of the most important goals of any company, if not the only. And unless the exact profit highlights in the book of accounts, the business would never head in the desired direction. The significance of a cash flow statement can be understood from the fact that it is one of the four statements required by the GAAP. All the finance students are expected to master this subject during their graduation and post-graduation level. Apart from the practical application of this subject, it also holds great significance for a student pursuing a career in accounts.

cash flow statement assignment help

Cash flow as a subject does not require long hours of studies to achieve excellent grades. If you manage to keep certain critical points in your mind, you could easily end up fetching good grades in the cash flow statement assignments. A careful entry of all the transactions in the applicable column would ensure that you are on the right track in your cash flow statement assignment. However, the vastness of the subject often makes it incomprehensible to the students. The huge burden of homework and assignments makes it difficult for students to divide their time and energy efficiently for the different subjects studied. Therefore, we at EssayCorp provide cash flow assignment help for a very nominal price.

Brief Explanation of Content Covered In Our Cash Flow Statement Assignment Help

Our expert writers are very adept at writing all types of finance and accountancy assignments. They provide the best solution to all your problems. Here is a brief description of some important topics that constitutes a cash flow statement.

  • Cash flow from operations – This is the activity where the cash comes into the business or goes out of the business because of activities related to operations. The sale of goods and services brings in revenue, whereas the purchase of raw materials leads to the outflow of cash and is an expense. Both revenue and expense come under net income. To learn more about the calculation on this cash flow heading take the help of our cash flow statement assignment help.
  • Cash flow from investing activity – It is the cash flow from activities related to the noncurrent assets. Noncurrent assets include activities like a long-term investment, cash generated from the sale of land, property, plant and equipment, real estate, intellectual property, investment in securities and bond, etc. Under the normal circumstances, the cash flow from investing activity will be in the negative. In our cash flow statement assignment help, we even provide a separate list of all the possible items that could appear under this cash flow activity, if you so demanded in your assignment or as a part of your cash flow statement homework.
  • Cash flow from financing activity – Cash flow from activities related to noncurrent liabilities and the owner's equity is cash flow from financing activity. The items that appear here are the principal of long-term debt, dividends paid, stock sale and repurchase, etc. To get an in-depth knowledge about the other items that appear under this cash flow take the help of our writers in our cash flow statement assignment help service.
Examples Of Some Formulas Covered In Our Cash Flow Statement Assignment Help

The whole purpose of preparing a cash flow statement is to draw a financial conclusion, on which other business decisions can be based on. And to come to these conclusions a range of formulas are used; all of them are provided in our assignment and homework help service. Some of them are;

  1. Total cash flow = cash flow from operations +/- cash flow from investing +/- cash flow from financing.
  2. Cash earnings = net income + non-cash expenses ; non-cash expenses includes depreciation and amortization.
  3. Owner's earnings = cash earnings – average annual maintenance capital expenditure. This concept was introduced by Warren Buffet. It apportions the exact amount to keep the company a going concern.
Problems Faced By Students With Cash Flow Statement Assignment

This is not a very tough topic if the student dedicates some time to it, but like all accounting concepts and topic, this too requires an undivided attention of the student. An impeccable arithmetic skill is a must to solve problems. The students can face problems with understanding some of the convoluted concepts. A large number of assignments can also cause trouble for the student. Therefore, the student must seek the help of our adept writers to get the cash flow statement assignment help at a very reasonable price.

Most Important Section of Cash Flow Statement

It is regarded by our experts that the cash flow from operating activity is the most important section of the cash flow statement because it provides the activity related to the day to day operations of the business. It provides the business with figures like; how much cash was generated on that particular day from the core business?

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