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    Android Assignment Help

    One of the main and difficult programming languages which have become a big problem for thousand of students, "Android" is exploring its reach day by day with its efficiency and usage. From the pool of programming languages, Android is now placed at no. 1 position even for the industry requirement. Yes, it is true that nowadays, Android has become a great demand for the IT exposure, hence this is the reason this language has introduced in the academics as one of the main subjects. But, let me tell you it is not so easy to learn in a short duration.

    Actually, the problem is its end. Understanding the fact that many students require Android assignment help to at least score some respectable grades, we bring out the real help for you. Neither, you are required to bother about its theory nor its practical part because the experts who are a genius in Android programming will take care of your assignment and project, that means you can easily get the Android Programming Assignment Help & Android Project Help just on a single click. Let's find out something about it.

    What is Android?

    The first thing which is important to note that Android is not a hardcore programming language, it is a mobile operating system in which new applications are created by using the JAVA Programming Language.This operating system or framework of software is designed for mobile devices such as smartphones, notebooks, tablet computers and related applications. The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) includes a comprehensive set of development tools. These include a debugger, libraries, a handset emulator based on QEMU, documentation, sample code, and tutorials.

    Why Android Is Introduced In The World of Technologies?

    It exists to serve the purpose for Mobile Apps Development, basically designed for smartphones. It acts as the open source platform that supports the developers to build mobile apps with various features. In addition, it includes some packages that are used as widgets, interface controls, a layout of User Interface and relational databases.

    Here Are Summarized Points Which Define "Why Android?"

    android assignment help

    What are Android App Components?

    App components are the building blocks of an Android app which let you create rich and innovative apps using a set of reusable components. This section basically explains the nature of each component that defines the building blocks of your app and how to connect them together using intents.

    App Components We Cover in Android Assignment Help

    There are basically four different types of App components and each type serves a distinct purpose and different behavior as well.

    Activities- The basic purpose of the activity is to dictate the UI interface. An activity represents a single screen with a user interface. For example, an email app might have one activity that shows a list of new emails, another activity to compose an email, and other activity for reading emails.

    Services- A service is another important component that runs in the background to perform long- running operations or perform work for remote processes. It is purposely used for background running apps.

    Content Providers- A content provider manages a shared set of app data. You can store the data in the file system, an SQLite database, on the web, or any other persistent storage location your app can access.

    Broadcast Receivers- Broadcast Receivers simply respond to broadcast messages from other applications or from the system. For example, applications can also initiate broadcasts to let other applications know that some data has been downloaded to the device and is available for them to use, so this is broadcast receiver who will intercept this communication and will initiate appropriate action.

    Lookout Some Pitfalls of Android

    No technology has formed yet that doesn't consist of a single disadvantage, so as Android.

    • Less Memory Storage
    • Displays Error - "Force Stop" on various apps and games
    • Consumes high mobile data
    • Creates battery problem
    • Android allows malware apps
    • Recovery is difficult in Android

    What Are The Issues Where Students Get Stuck?

    As discussed, it is not at all a simple learning. There are various issues which arise while studying it. A few of them are discussed here:

    Issue 1: The very common issue is that most of the students stuck in Environment set up for android app development.

    Issue 2: The second main issue is to do android assignment or homework, they must know Java basics at least, but more, mobile edition. It is important to have the knowledge of J2ME for developing the Android app because it is the modified version of Java for handheld devices.

    Issue 3: Students find its code quite complex because it is really an uphill battle and requires a clear understanding of Java and Linux concepts.

    But no better to keep all types of issues aside as we present you a professional help for your assignment and assignment help

    EssayCorp Is The Right Solution For Your Android Assignment?

    The level of stress goes one level up when students get android assignments and projects. It would be wrong to state that it seems little difficult because it is actually difficult and complex in nature. But we say if you are at EssayCorp then you are not required to take stress as we are the real help for your Android assignments. Either you have theoretical questions or coding to do, our android masters do as per your specifications.

    How We Provide Android Assignment Help?

    Our android experts help with every question, covering all the concepts of Android. As they are master in Android, they handle every type of assignment. Their research makes each paper qualitative. The best part is that they explain the question in a detailed way with proper examples. First, they review the sent requirements and then start working on it. Actually, they do a good research on each and every topic and make sure to avoid all sorts of errors. And this is the reason how they provide amazing quality every time within the deadline.

    Are These Professionals Proficient Enough In Solving Such Topics?

    We know that this is the first question which arises in your mind because android programming is something that takes the head away. Well, we are pleased to inform you that we don’t have android writers, but we have android experts who have been associated with us for a long time. They have even corporate experience that helps them in dealing with every level of android assignments with an ease. They are certified in the Java programming language too.

    Here Are Some Topics Which Are Cover in Android Assignment Help

    As discussed that our professionals have years of experience in handling complex queries related to various advanced topics. Here you can check out the list of few topics which are covered by us:

    Android Basics Java Concepts Introduction of Eclipse Assets Android App Components
    App Resources Manifest File Resources & R.Java Launching Emulator Implicit Intents
    Explicit Intents Android SDK Option Menu Context Menu,Sub Menu Maps via Intent & Map Activity
    Layout & Drawable Resources Alert Dialogs,Pop-up & Toast Launching Emulator Emulator Settings Emulator Shortcuts
    SQLite Open Helper Images & Media Style Attributes in the Layout File Logcat Usage UI Components - Views & Notifications
    Form Widgets Text Fields SQLite Programming SQLite Database Custom Animated Popup Panels
    List View & List Activity Applying Themes via Code & Manifest File Maps, GPS, Location Based Services XML Parsing JSON Parsing
    Gallery Using AdWapters Asyn Task Live Folders Android Debugging Tools Network Connectivity Services

    What Are The Services That Make Us Different From Others?

    We know that thousands of websites are available in today’s internet world and indeed you can reach out any of them easily as per your own choice, but let me inform you the assurances we provide are actually our valuable words. You can explore our services anytime and you will definitely love them. Before giving you a glimpse of our service, want to mention that our motive behind our services is “only Student Satisfaction”. We really mean our words that if our students don’t get satisfied with our work then we refund your money. So without any hesitation you can try at least once and yes, don’t forget to look out attributes:

      • We have a subject experts and they are PhD. scholars too.
      • Follow each and every instruction of yours. In the meantime, you can also come to us and check the status of your assignment. We will provide you the exact status at the same time.
    • One of the best feature of our service is “free referencing”. Yes, it is true, we do not charge a penny for the referencing you want. Till now, we have done Oscola, Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago, Vancouver referencing styles efficiently.
    • We have PayPal as a payment gateway, so that you never face any issue while paying the amount.
    • We ensure you with your personal details as well.
    • Here we never ask our students for extra charges for any type of modification. You can easily get your work revised with no charges.

    Quality And On Time Delivery - Two major concerns

    No matter how fast you are or your service is if you can’t deliver the quality, vice versa no matter how much you do quality work if you can’t deliver on time. We understand that both are interlinked and equally important for any writing help and thus keeping both the aspects in the mind, we emphasize on both the concerns which are utterly important to consider.

    When it comes to quality and deadline, our much-esteemed professionals take care every time. Their profound technical knowledge of Android helps in generating quality and their efficiency makes them easy to deliver on time.

    Catch Us On Different Social Media Platforms

    You don’t have to visit our website every time. We provide a great support to a large extent and so we are available on every platform. Either you visit Facebook, Twitter or G+, you can ask your queries directly there with no hesitation or formality. Our chat executives are also available their all round the clock. So, if you find anything difficult in assignment writing, you can catch us anytime anywhere.

    So, now you have to take a wise decision by choosing us. It is our assurance that we never let you down. We are and we will keep on providing the genuine and result oriented help for our Android Assignment. So, better not to get too late, book it now with just a click.

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